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Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Honours)
MQA/PA1123 (N/213/4/0154) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(26) -10/23
Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) (Honours)
MQA/PA11129 (N/214/6/0211) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158(3)Jld.2(30) -12/23
Foundation in Design
MQA/PA10087 (N/010/3/0488) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(25) -10/23
Diploma in Graphic Design
MQA/A10339 (R2/213/4/0154) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(16) -5/24
Diploma in Multimedia Design
MQA/A9072 (R2/213/4/0126) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(16) -8/23
Diploma in Interior Design
MQA/A8993 (R2/214/4/0079) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(15) -7/23
Diploma in Fashion Design
MQA/FA2082 (R/214/4/0062) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.3(11) -10/22

Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Honours)
MQA/PA8544 (N/345/6/1005) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(5) -02/22
Bachelor of Business (Management) (Honours)
MQA/PA10536 (N/345/6/1090) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(28) -11/23
Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing) (Honours)
MQA/PA11937 (N/342/6/0211) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(38) -7/24
Foundation in Business Studies
MQA/FA8545 (N/010/3/0488) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(3)-06/21
Diploma in Human Resource Management
MQA/FA1785 (R/340/4/0729) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(3) -09/22
Diploma in Business Management
MQA/PA5714 (N/345/4/0811) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.3(5) -06/20

Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement (Investigation) (Honours)
MQA/PA7540 (N/861/6/0016) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(2) -2/22
Diploma in Security Management
MQA/A6912 (R2/862/4/0052) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.6(12) -7/21
Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration
MQA/FA1577 (R/861/4/0003) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(4) -9/22
Foundation in Police Science
MQA/PA10517 (N/010/3/0527) JPT/BPP(U) 1000-801/158 Jld.2(39)

SSA 3 Kredit

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Honours)
Awaiting MQA Approval
Diploma in Hotel Management
Awaiting MQA Approval
Diploma in Culinary Arts
Awaiting MQA Approval
Diploma in Pastry Arts
Awaiting MQA Approval
Foundation in Hospitality
Awaiting MQA Approval

Bachelor of Business in Logistics Management and E-business (Honours)
JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 JLD2(50)/MQA/PA13028
Diploma in Logistics Management
Awaiting MQA Approval

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education)
JPT/BPP(U)801/158 JLD 2(55) / MQA/PA12897 13/5/2025
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
JPT/BPP(U)801/158 JLD 2(54) / MQA/PA13751 13/5/2025

about saito university

Mr. Tetsuo Saito, the founder of Saito College, established the college in 1988. Saito College was the 1st institution in Malaysia to offer the Diploma in Graphic Design. Saito College have grown strength to strength since its inception and currently offers a wide range of courses in design, business and security management. In 2017, Saito College was awarded University College status by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and now offer degree courses in various disciplines.





We are strategically located next to MBPJ, the central of Petaling Jaya. The Taman Jaya LRT is within a short 10-15 min walking distance or with a feeder bus. There are shopping malls, restaurants and banks within walking distance.

Saito has prepared comprehensive and advanced facilities for Saito students to not only make sure they enjoy their academic lives at Saito, but also provide the support and tools that will help them succeed in their studies.

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