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In 1988, Mr. Tetsuo Saito, a man with vision, established Saito College. Saito College initially was committed to teaching the beauty of the Japanese culture and its language. With an extraordinary entrepreneurial instinct, he began to make history in the Malaysia tertiary education by introducing courses in design. This made Saito College the pioneer in the design education in Malaysia. His vision was not only to educate and nurture talents in design, but also to identify and unleash the huge passion within students to contribute to the world of art and design.

For the past 3 decades, Saito College has humbly but persistently built up their reputation as the foremost design college in Malaysia, producing graduates that embody the values that Mr. Saito so envisioned; persistence, dedication, perspiration and artistic.

From community work to internship, Saito College has over the years stayed true to its mission — to educate. The education methods and courses in the college are meticulously and rigorously crafted to enable students to produce not only designs that are impressive to employers around the world, but also to enable them to create outstanding, award-winning designs that could bring their careers to the next level. Saito College not only exposes students to the industry’s know-how, but also teaches students to relish the joy and fun in design. Saito College believes that a successful career in design starts with strong passion and enjoyment in design.

Saito College has successfully attracted many multi-national companies(MNC), such as Coca-cola and Nike to work together to enable students to leapfrog their works to the international arena. There are many students and graduates whose designs have won numerous awards and recognitions from multi-national companies. Saito graduates have enjoyed an extremely affordable world-class education given the recognitions and awards they have received.

Not complacent with their success, Saito College marched on with the entrepreneurial pursuit of their late founder by establishing the School of Management in 2012 and Saito Security Academy in 2008, which are hugely successful. Saito College not only places the highest emphasis on entrepreneurial values in their students, but also made entrepreneurship an unreservedly essential part of its campus culture, values and identity.

The School of Management is therefore tasked to promote and imbue students with these entrepreneurial qualities that form part of the fundamental values of Saito College. The School of Management produces highly competent graduates that could perform any task with the best attitudes and could deliver outstanding results for any business. This is why Saito graduates are highly sought after by many highly regarded companies.

Realising the urgent need for better security in Malaysia, Saito Security Academy has produced security managers and professionals of the highest caliber to meet this need. With the strong support from prestigious industry affiliates in security such as Safeguard, the Academy could not only ensure high employability rates of graduates, but also maintain the highest standard of training and education for their courses.

Saito College has been growing very rapidly over the past few years. There are currently more than 2000 students, with more than 70 staff members working to serve the ever-growing need for a great and affordable education. Introduction of state-of-the-art facilities has been done continually to facilitate a more holistic education for the students. Despite this success, Saito College will always continue to humbly persevere to provide affordable world-class education to their students, maintaining their long-standing tradition of award-winning excellence.