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The Saito Design School at Saito University College offers a variety of disciplines, ranging from graphic, multimedia, interior and fashion design. The hands-on approach to many of our subjects creates opportunities for students to explore and discover the vast landscape of design. We teach the processes of creation with exposure to industry demand and trend.

Additionally, our Global Design Program was initiated to allow our students to experience the design industry globally with our partners like Bunka Fashion School, Japan. Students will also gain opportunities to receive educational lectures from international designers as well as to work on global projects with our international partners.

Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Honours)

MQA/PA1123 (N/213/4/0154) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(26) -10/23

Diploma in Multimedia Design

MQA/A9072 (R2/213/4/0126) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(16) -8/23

Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) (Honours)

MQA/PA11129 (N/214/6/0211) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158(3)Jld.2(30) -12/23

Diploma in Interior Design

MQA/A8993 (R2/214/4/0079) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(15) -7/23

Foundation in Design

MQA/PA10087 (N/010/3/0488) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(25) -10/23

Diploma in Fashion Design

MQA/FA2082 (R/214/4/0062) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.3(11) -10/22

Diploma in Graphic Design

MQA/A10339 (R2/213/4/0154) JPT/BPP(U)1000-801/158 Jld.2(16) -5/24


Bruce head

Bruce head

An exciting career spanning continents and design parameters with a passion for Architecture. Interior Design, Museum , Visitor Centre Design, Interpretive Interactive Design and Events. Bruce has developed key skills in the field of interactive story – telling, commercial and public space interior design within Australia and SE Asia. He has successfully run Design Studios in Malaysia and Australia for over 21 years.
Sandra Sin

Sandra Sin

Sandra graduated from Saito College in 2000. Since then, she’s developed ideas and concepts for all kinds of brands and product categories. Sandra’s first love is design and brand identity, and she emit wait to impart l8+ years of knowledge to young minds..
Bill Keith

Bill Keith

Bill Keith is a true aesthete who is known to many as an arbiter of elegance and good taste. He is not afraid of contradictions. His creations impose a way of life and innocently reflect his own philosophy of life in general and of woman in particular. Bill Keith, the brand, was established in July 1988 purely as a couturier concentrating on ladies’ fashion as mainstream. Since then Bill Keith has expanded his business into furniture, footwear, handbags as well as interior designing.

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