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Diploma in Graphic Design
(A10339)(R/213/4/0154) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.5(16)-05/19

Diploma in Multimedia Design
(A9072)(R/213/4/0126) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.5(6)-08/18

Diploma in Interior Design
(A8993)(R/214/4/0078) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.5(7)-07/18

Diploma in Fashion Design
(MQA/FA2082)(R/214/4/0062) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.3(11)-10/22

Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Hons)
(N/345/6/1005) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(15)-02/22

Diploma in Human Resource Management
(MQA/FA1785)(R/340/4/0729) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld7(3)-09/22

Diploma in Business Management
(N/345/4/0811) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.3(5)-02/20

Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement (Investigation)(Hons)
(N/861/6/0016) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(2)-02/22

Diploma in Security Management
(A6912)(R/862/4/0052) JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.6(12)-07/21

Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration
JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/B266 Jld.7(4)-9/22


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