A Day In The Life Of: A Human Resources Senior Manager

A Day In The Life Of: A Human Resources Senior Manager

a-day-lifeWhat does a HR manager really do? Come find out more about their work here.



We have interviewed a local HR senior manager, Sharlini, from a renowned international company to get to know more about her job.

9:00 am: I got to office on time. I traveled from Shah Alam so by now I’ve usually been in the car for at least an hour and a half. Lots of emails from the day before are waiting for me.

9:15 am: Have a morning meeting with the team to discuss the day’s agenda and do some house-keeping.

9:45 am: Met with an employee who decides to leave for another company. I go through the standard questions and make sure there is no ill feeling and that there has been no mistreatment or issues that have been ignored. I also make sure all his work is completely transferred and every file from him is properly documented. I make sure that all the paperwork for his resignation is completed, and passes and insurance cards are returned to the company.

11:00 am: I met with a new recruit for a senior manager position. We have searched for a suitable candidate for a long time - couple of months - for this position. We used headhunters and online recruitment portal jobstreet.com.my for this recruitment. We found this candidate through headhunter, and it turns out that the candidate is very suitable. I walked the candidate to the director’s office for further interview at around 11.45am.

12:00 am: There are lots of emails that I have to manage. I would need to review also a revised performance appraisal system that is proposed for implementation this year. The meeting for the review would be held tomorrow.

1:30 pm: I meet CEO for lunch. Apart from some casual chat about his children, I also discussed some of the issues pertaining to employee recruitment plan. HR is a very important function in my company and we are responsible in searching for the right talents for the company.

2:30 pm: I met with the senior operation manager to discuss the recent employee complaint. When we receive an employee complaint, we will follow our in-house procedure to clarify matters and attempt to resolve the problems between the parties amicably. 

3:30 pm: Meeting with various managers from the production departments to discuss an in-house survey that is to be done internally. The survey is meant to improve our HR policies and understand employment issues that may arise from time to time.

5:00 pm: Just got out of meeting. Another employee issue to deal with this time related to compensation and benefits.

5:30 pm: I have to file a report regarding the recruitment process of the new employees. This is due tomorrow.

7:00 pm: Finally finished my reports. Need to get back home. I grab a manpower succession planning document and a big bunch of CVs short-listed by my team – all the items I need to read at home urgently tonight. Answer a couple of emails, delegate a task and forward some CVs by email to different line managers while I’m at home.

8:00 pm: Finally back home. Need to complete the urgent work after dinner.