How HR Professionals are Crucial in today's Business World?

How HR Professionals are Crucial in Today's Business World

bigstock-Asian-Business-men-Shaking-Han-22687319Human Resource(HR) is all about people. In this modern era, finding and retaining the right people and right talents are the few of the most challenging issues for many companies. According to SME Magazine,  one of the most challenging aspects of running a company that even keeps many CEOs awake at night is losing key people and finding the right people. The Time magazine even reported that 1 out of 5 employers worldwide could not fill their vacancies because they can't find people with necessary soft skills, especially interpersonal and communication skills.  And, this is hurting the companies and employees. 

HR professionals exist as specialists to help companies address and overcome such issues and challenges. 

Saito Diploma in HR Management trains graduates to become professionals in helping companies address such issues and challenges.The programme trains students in aspects such as Payroll Management System, People Management, Manpower Recruitment, Industry Relations, Training and Development, Public Relations and Employee Relations. 

Saito HR graduates have been trained to be fully capable of handling payroll, thus ensuring a sound payroll management system is set in place. Such system is to make sure that employees are paid their salaries on time and are paid in the manner in accordance with laws and regulations, thus ensuring the company's financial obligations are met. Without such system being set in place, possible late payments might happen, which as a result will adversely affect the company's reputation, employees' morale and atitude. In the worst-case scenario, it will lead to possible breach of contract and litigation. 

Another main responsibility of a HR professional is to recruit the right people for vacant positions. This is not an easy task(depending on the positions). It could take from a few days up to a few months to find the right people to fill the positions. Saito trains students on various aspects of recruitment from job interviewing competency to industry relations. Saito students are taught to search for suitable candidates from as many channels as possible and are taught to use the right techniques to interview them. HR professionals have to keep abreast with the latest technology as well to explore different channels to recruit the right talents. These tasks are done by the HR professional to ensure the best possible candidates fill the positions.  What makes a HR professional truly valuable is his or her resourcefulness in getting the right talents into their companies. 

Apart from that, HR professionals are in charge of the training of existing employees, their education and the development of the companies' recruitment plans. The HR professionals need to ensure existing employees are well-trained in order to perform their duties well. HR professionals have to also make sure that employees' knowledge is up to par with current industry trends and future advancement and should arrange to provide relevant educational programme if necessary. They also must be part of the team to provide ideas, suggestions and solutions to improve their companies' recruitment plans. They are playing a very important role in ensuring productivity of employees, bright future of the company's growth and healthy inflows of talents. 

Furthermore, Saito HR programme's students are trained to become excellent managers and connectors. Saito Diploma in HR Management ensures that the students are trained to be efficient, systematic and organised. Saito introduces modules such as Record Management System, People Management and Employee Relations into the HR programme to ensure students possess highly competent management skills. On the other hand, Saito also trains the HR students to learn the finesse of social communication, giving them the confidence to be comfortable in any social occasion and to conduct themselves with grace and good manners. 

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