Environment and Culture


At Saito, we believe in a culture that is innovative, creative and entrepreneurial. We work hard to foster such cultural values among our students. Our teaching methods and counseling approach emphasise the importance of such values. We always constantly seek to challenge our students to expand their horizons, think out-of-the-box and push the limits in their creativity. In order to achieve creative breakthroughs, our students will be expected to step out of their comfort zones and be exposed to the unknown. We believe that students' unique talents can be unleashed to their limits given the constant challenges that they face in their studies.

Saito believe that constant participation of students in events and competitions helps them not only become more competitive, but also, through such competitive urge, help them achieve a much more enlightened creative state of mind. Our approach in this regard has borne fruit as Saito have not only constantly won prestigious awards one after another, but also have helped their students won innumerable recognitions and awards for their creative works. Check out our awards and recognitions here: Awards and Recognitions 

Being entrepreneurial is not only about becoming your own boss, it is also about cultivating the sort of attitude that is expected of a successful person in their career, regardless of whether you own your own business. Saito believe in entreprenuerialism. Students who are entrepreneurial will know the power of hard work, discipline, humility, responsibility and resourcefulness in their future careers. These are the sorts of qualities that we imbue in our students that are invaluable to our students' future. These are the sorts of qualities that have made so many Saito graduates world-class designers and professionals that win applause, wide admirations and lavish praises from both employers and top brands. These are the sorts of qualities that shatter the repulsive notion of the poor artist and instead propel the students' careers to unimaginable success. These are the sorts of qualities that make Saito graduates a force to be reckoned with in this competitive industry.  



Saito have a learning environment that is helpful, friendly and practical. Saito lecturers are cool personalities that impart their knowledge and experience in an innovative, easy-to-understand and fun manner. Apart from that, our lecturers are top and successful professionals and designers in their respective fields and are eager to help students achieve success in their lives. They are dreamers who want to see more beauty in this world. Therefore, they are determined and committed to helping students produce artworks that make our world a much more beautiful place to live in. Check out our student activities' photos here: Student Activities to see for yourself how our lecturers closely interact with their students and what our students do to learn the knowledge in their respective courses.

Saito strive to build a student community that is helpful and supportive. Students are often required to work together in teams to undertake assignments and projects. It is through such assignments and projects that unbreakable bonds are fostered among students, which will help them overcome many difficulties and challenges in lives. Due to the medium-sized nature of Saito, you will meet the same people in hallways and common areas quite often, and there are plenty of chances to get to know new people who can be part of your social circle. Getting help is never an issue at Saito. 

Saito staff have dedicated their full effort to creating a perfectly condusive environment and to shaping a great culture for students to excel in their studies and, eventually, their careers. We can achieve this not only through our great teaching staff, but also through our effort in continuing the legacy and vision of our founders.  At Saito, students see no limit in their creativity and success.