a teacher?

Why Design at Saito for Teachers?

We love to work with teachers

Teachers as the beacon light of knowledge for students are our invaluable partners to help their students succeed in lives. We understand and highly respect the sacred duties of a teacher to not only educate but also act as trusted counselors to their students in life and in their studies. Saito has therefore strived to put all its efforts and resources into helping teachers accomplish their missions.

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We help you in matters like:

  • Organize events related to our courses
  • Get our lecturers/affiliates to give speeches at your school to inspire your students
  • Organise fun learning activities for your students to expose them to the design world.
  • Sponsorship
  • Tour around our campus.
  • Our Design Expertise

Saito College as a specialist design school in Malaysia gives your students a world-class education in design at an affordable price. We aim to train our student designers to be highly successful masters in the design industry. We give your students the opportunity to be exposed to the secret of success in the design industry by learning from our successful masters in design. Don’t miss out the opportunities to enlighten your students about the secrets of success!


Outstanding Track Records

Our design expertise is solidly backed by the prestigious awards and recognitions given to us by our generous partners and various renowned organisations. “Your Designs Will Win Awards” is our expression of confidence towards our award-winning tradition at Saito since 1988. In 2013 alone, Saito College and its students have won over 60 awards from various competitions and events. We have won prestigious awards like NAPEI Education Excellance Awards, Prime Minister Corporate Social Responsibility award, 4As Kancil Award and many other awards internationally and locally.  Our students actively participate in various events and competitions led by our highly experienced lecturers. We believe students’ potentials can be gradually unleashed through such activities. Look at the pictures of our victorious students. 


Teaching at Saito

Teaching at Saito can be a highly powerful and extremely rewarding experience for any teacher. Not only will you be exposed to our strong culture of highly innovative and personalized teaching, you will be able to further develop your design skills and exposure through interacting and working together with veterans in the design industry. Apart from that, you can further enhance your communication skills by constantly interacting and teaching students, introducing innovative and powerful teaching methods that will certainly enhance your career as a teacher and designer.