Why Should You Study Human Resource Management at Saito?

Why Human Resource Management at Saito?

Industry As Classroom

Successful professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry partner with us to take on the role of Master Trainer and Mentor to share their insights and impart their practical knowledge. Teaching and learning takes place at their actual workplaces, providing real-life settings where students can acquire skills, knowledge and proper work ethics. 


Plus2 Competencies

A purposefully designerd curriculum that includes aspects of different disciplines challenges our students to enlarge their view and develop strong professional ethics. Equipped with additional competencies, our graduates are ready for the working world and cross this threshold with eagerness and excitement. 


Caring Environment

A strong sense of being student-focused underscores our effort in making students' safety and well-being a priority. We are constantly anticipating and meeting our students' needs and concerns, and ensuring that there is a safe, warm and caring environment where they can flourish.


Enjoyable Learning Experience

Student-centred and out-of-classroom activities are important as platforms for students to learn through self-discovery, and and at the same time, forge friendships that can grow into lifelong bonds. These enriching experiences provide a positive impact and invaluable lessons that are caught more than taught. 



Graduates from our Human Resource(HR) Management Programme will be able ot enjoy for the start a career as competent mid-level HR roles in the private and public sectors. We are confident of their mid-level entry point because as SAITO students, they would have had ample training and support from industry professionals(SAITO Teaching Partners) and renowned industry experts.