Why Should You Study Security Management at Saito?

Why Security Management at Saito?

Widely Recognised

Our course is fully recognised by the Malaysian Qualification Agency(MQA) and Public Service Department of Malaysia, also known as Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Graduates are able to greatly enhance their prospects of better positions and promotions in various private companies, government ministries, agencies and departments.


Top-Notch Training

We provide students with the best training in security management, including areas like security risk management, security principles, management principles and human capital development. Our course integrates all core aspects of security management and sets high expectations to students to ensure an all-rounded education in order to produce highly competent security professionals. Saito graduates are known to be well-respected and highly regarded security professionals in the field of security.


Expert Lecturers and Lecturers in the field

Students are taught by a team of very experienced and highly qualified lecturers who have a combined experience of more than 100 years and hold many distinguished positions in various government entities and the private sectors. Our teaching is conducted in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Lecturers will also make extra effort to ensure that all students understand clearly what is taught and apply their newly acquired knowledge to their work.



During the course of studies, students are not confined to their books only. They also take part in Leadership Camp that enables them to learn important skills, such as team work, problem-solving and thinking skills. Apart from that, we also have apprenticeship and work-study programmes that will significantly enhance students’ resumes and will enable students to experience real-life security situations. All these initiatives train students to apply their knowledge gained during the studies in real-life environment.



Saito Security Academy’s graduates are well-equipped to join various uniformed bodies, public and private sectors to contribute their expertise in security management. Saito Security Academy’s graduates are highly respected professionals in the field of security and are therefore highly sought after by employers. Our connections with government bodies and industry leaders such as the Royal Malaysian Police and Safeguards Corporation Bhd ensure that Saito graduates stand a great chance at employment.