Why Should You Learn Design at Saito?

Why Should You Study Design at Saito?

Top in Industry 
What is it like to be mentored by top professionals and successful entrepreneurs in the industry? The experience is priceless. And, that is what you get at Saito – an unmatched reservoir of expertise and insights from our industry-leading experts and successful practitioners at your disposal.

You can form strong connections that will boost your careers to the pinnacle of achievements. Imagine the endless possibilities and the enormous advantage in terms of career, exposure and learning you can gain through tight and close relationships with your mentors. At Saito, get ready to be at the top.


Track Record 
We have produced more than 8000 graduates since 1988 and that speaks volumes about our experience in producing talents for the industry. Our solid and outstanding track record ensures all of our students' needs in terms of academic learning, facilities, services and support are well taken care of. You can rest assure that your academic growth and learning are in good and solid hands at Saito.

Don't take our words for it. Check out our story to know more.


World Class Education 
Do you know that Saito is accredited with MQA and has an extremely high standard of teaching? We do away with mediocre syllabus and teaching and bring to you education that is on par with, if not better than, education in the US, UK, Australia and other top countries in the rest of the world.

And, the best thing is you do not have to pay a hefty amount of tuition fees for such high standard of education. World class education should be affordable. We also believe a world class education should bring out the very best in each student and recognise each student as a unique individual. Therefore, our focus is to provide fully personalised attention to each student. Do expect a lot of care from your tutors and one-on-one sessions with them.


Caring and Conducive Environment 
Are you afraid of learning alone in our highly challenging environment? You do not have to. Be part of our student-centered, out-of-classroom activities that are pumped with loads of fun and excitement and they can also encourage self-discovery. We actively encourage students to form a close-knit community to support one another.

Get to know new friends and form lasting bonds with them here at Saito.