a parent?

Why Should My Child Study Design at Saito?

Our Design Expertise

Saito College as a specialist design school gives your child the added advantage of a highly specialised and personalised design education. Saito puts all its heart and soul into perfecting the art of teaching design to students. As the passion for art and design lies deep in our root, Saito students will benefit immensely from our passionate and experienced teaching methods and most importantly will share our deeply passionate love and conviction for art and design that will be crucial to bringing their careers to the next level.


A Safe Choice for Your Child’s Future

Parents, your child’s future is in safe hands. Saito has for many years cultivated close relationships with various employers and international organisations such as Canon and many other top brands. Saito’s award-winning tradition testifies to the recognition of top employers of Saito graduates to our students’ competency in producing outstanding and yet practical designs. Our graduates’ employability rates are nothing less than outstanding.

Employers are not only impressed by quality of Saito students’ and graduates’ work, they also treasure the dedication, commitment, responsibility and resourcefulness of them. These are the qualities and values that Saito will nurture within each and every student, thus making them highly valuable to every company that they may be employed.


Outstanding Track Records

Our passion and love in the educating designers are recognised by students and various organisations alike. “Your Designs Will Win Awards” is our expression of confidence towards our award-winning tradition at Saito since 1988. In 2013 alone, Saito College and its students have won over 60 awards from various competitions and events. We have won prestigious awards like NAPEI Education Excellance Awards, Prime Minister Corporate Social Responsibility award, 4As Kancil Award and many other awards internationally and locally.  Our students actively participate in various events and competitions led by our highly experienced lecturers. We believe students’ potentials can be gradually unleashed through such activities.