Admission FAQ

Admission FAQ

1.    How to apply?
You may fill up the 
online application form from the website and click apply. Our admission counselor will revert to you within 3 days.

2.    How to pay the application fees?
Non-refundable application processing fee -

    • RM100 in the form of bank draft or cheque payable to Saito College Sdn. Bhd.

3.    What are the entry requirements?
Only qualifications that are equivalent to the Malaysian SPM standards would be considered for admission into our Diploma (3 credits) and Certificate (1 credit) programme. For Malaysian SPM students, you must also have a pass in your SPM BM and Sejarah papers (Only applicable to students starting from 2013 SPM leaver.)

4.    Why am I rejected?
Your application is unsuccessful due to one of the followings:

    • Not meeting the minimum entry requirement;
    • Your academic qualifications do not match the course you applied for;
    • The quota is full;
    • Any other reasons decided by the Registrar of Saito College

5.    How much are the fees?
Please contact us for further information on fees

6.    How do I defer my studies?
Students who have been issued an offer of admission may apply to defer their enrolment for a maximum of one academic year. The period of deferment will not be included in the total duration of their studies.

7.    Will I be called for an interview for admission?
If deemed necessary, applicants may also be required to attend an interview and/or take entrance test conducted by the Admission and Counselling unit

8.    What subjects should I choose in the first semester?
You can refer to your study plan once you are enrolled.

9.    When do I register for course?
You can register during the first week of your new semester.

10.  When can I know the result of my application for admission?
We process the complete application within two weeks, provided you submit all the required documents for the application.