Saito College Students Wins sCoolers Awards

Under the guidance of Saito College lecturers, our students participated in the sCoolers Awards Competition and emerge with Bronze awards in Best Outdoor and Best Digital at The sCoolers Awards.

Congratulations to the winners.


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  • I am in Semester 6 at Saito College. I am now in the process of becoming a great designer. Saito achieved for me what I thought would always be impossible. Furthermore, I get to join a lot of competitions and meet important people in the industry. I am now looking forward to the bright future tha...

    Terrence Lim Jiunn Mii
    Diploma in Graphic Design
  • I am in the third sem at Saito College. Fees at Saito are affordable and lecturers here teach well. I am now well-educated. I meet a lot of friends here too. I hope I can learn more from class and get better....

    Chen Chu Mun
    Diploma in Multimedia Design
  • In my opinion, my tenure here at Saito College has had a very positive impact on me. Besides acquiring valuable knowledge about the field of security management, my confidence level has improved by leaps and bounds....

    Yasir Arafat Bin Al Salleh
    Diploma in Security Management, Semester 6
  • I am in the third semester at Saito College. The lecturers in Saito are willing to teach their students with patience. I will also find the lecturers personally to get more extra knowledge about the subject. There are many competition that are being introduced by Saito College and we are encourag...

    Tan Shiau Wei
    Diploma in Multimedia Design
  • In Sem 6 now, I learned a lot even I still have retakes. Lecturers are good to us. I enjoyed life in Saito. Saito Rocks....

    Veshalini Letchomanan
    Diploma in Graphic Design
  • I am very happy and proud to have such experienced and dedicated lecturers. They have truly inspired me to do well and graduate with flying colours. The subjects taught are in line with current market needs and I am confident I will get a good job when I graduate....

    Mohd Fadly Bin Sultan
    Diploma in Security Management, Semester 6
  • I am in my last semester. I am going to miss all those sweet moments that I had with my friends and my lecturers. Thanks to the lecturers for making my future bright and I cannot wait to show my talent in working environment. I really had a good time here. Thanks....

    Shartini Elanankumaran
    Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Saito College provide me the best experience in learning. The environment here are also very convenient. The facilities here also helped me a lot with my assigment. I will not forget my wonderful time in this college....

    Chan Kah Hui
    Diploma in Multimedia Design
  • I love Saito College because it is simple....

    Tan Hui Wah
    Diploma in Graphic Design
  • I have been well-taught and educated by approachable lecturers that I can go to whenever I have problems in my learning. Being a part of the Student Council made me learn more and I got to gain extra experiences....

    Nicole Sue
    Diploma in Graphic Design